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Advisoray Member Spotlight: Lena Feygin

By Catherine Zhang & James DiPaolo
Lena Feygin (Advisoray Profile) works as an EVP of Business Development with a solid record of enhancing workforce transition to achieve strategic goals. She focuses on creating blended learning and performance support solutions designed to transition global and national workforces to new services, technologies, business processes and strategies. She believes project success is built on strong analytical, communications, facilitation, instructional design, and coaching skills using individual & corporate personality and cultural assessments.

Her experience comes from the Health Care industry and includes vocational education/corporate training, businesses analysis, web presence and content development, lead generation marketing campaigns and consulting/coaching in the corporate domain.

Lena’s other specialties include Healthcare Consulting, Change Management/Implementation, Corporate/Executive Business Coaching, Workforce Development, Business Development.

Lena currently works with a Visual Branding agency, Brand Labs, in NYC. She was kind enough to set aside some time for Advisoray to do an interview:

1. Advisoray: What brought you to work in the start-up space?
I am a serial entrepreneur, this is my nature. I strive in a start-up environment and understand the start-up mindset. I think it is amazing to build a company/project from the ground up. In a start-up environment it is all about the team and the energy of the people involved. That and a great idea are bound to bring success.
Given my passion for the start-up environment, I am currently working at a Visual Branding Agency that has an enormous expertise in brand creation and brand management. This enables our team to support our clients from day 1 in all aspects of their business development.
Given my background in building Health IT related training programs and working hands-on in the healthcare field, I think we can be an invaluable asset to any Health IT related start-up.

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