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NY Tech Meetup - A Monthly Gathering of Techies

August 8, 2012
By Catherine Zhang

Yesterday evening, our team attended the NY Tech Meetup (@NYTM) at NYU’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts. This was part of a series of monthly events focused on connecting members of the technology community together “to help them build successful, sustainable technology companies” (Source). It was our first time attending this event. We were completely blown away by the really cool tech demos and the incredible amount of support within this community. We are definitely looking forward to the upcoming months’ meetups!

At the event, several tech companies demo-ed their products. The lineup of businesses covered a wide spectrum of consumer needs, ranging from apartment hunting (@nestio) to note taking (@citelighter) to mobilizing your website (@bmobilized) to even documenting wildlife (@projectnoah). We were thoroughly impressed by the innovation behind many of these businesses.

One of the tech businesses that presented, Citelighter, makes doing online research easier than ever. Users can download the Citelighter toolbar, which then allows them to “highlight” any passage, sentence, quote, etc. from any website, comment on the highlights, and export it immediately (to a Word Document, etc.). It also automatically creates the bibliography whenever users highlight something. As a student, I have a feeling I’m going to be using this a lot in the future!

We also met some interesting individuals at the event. One person we met, Bill Smartt (@billsmartt,, is the President of Smartt Talk, works as a Communication / Presentations Skill coach, and has led many coaching sessions at venues like American Express, Credit Suisse, Planned Parenthood, General Assembly, etc. It was great speaking to and learning from individuals like him yesterday.

The Advisoray team had a great time attending the NY Tech Meetup event yesterday and we can’t wait for the next one. It’s refreshing to see so many individuals come together through their common interest and support for new up and coming technologies. This is the sort of tight-knit community we hope to build on Advisoray – a community that is welcoming, informative, and above all, supportive.

Until next time,
Catherine Zhang